SuperGroup Security is a specially designed organization based on four decades of experience in the motion picture and television production and support industries.

We are aware of and have learned how to best deal with a large number of internal and external security threats to businesses-- some of them dealing with expensive technical equipment and other valuables both at home base or on location.

SuperGroup International, the parent corporation, is involved in almost every aspect of television and video production via one of the divisions.

Call us 24/7 to discuss your situation and to arrange for a technical analysis of the security issues you know about and some you may not.

We Offer Assistance With:

  • Employee screening
  • Employee training/company security policy
  • Security devices/alarm systems for premises
  • Security devices/alarm systems on location
  • Vehicle security
  • Security cameras and remote monitoring
  • Equipment tagging, identification, and recovery
  • Computer network and internet security
  • Communication Systems
  • Accounting and Payroll security